City of Paris & French River Authority

City of Paris & French River Authority

The overall objective of the flood protection scheme, implemented in the 13th quarter of Paris, south-east, was to integrate our barriers  within an urban environment and under restrictive architectural regulation ( barriers along quay facing river Seine) and especially  to take very high water pressure ( 100 tons) as applied on the barrier installed under the famous bridge “Pont National”.

Therefore the global objective and technical difficulty of this project is to manufacture a fully concealed flood barrier deemed to take high duty stress but being hidden to match the restrictive regulation of the French historical monuments board.

Specific objective :

  • To provide the Contracting authority with assurance that our flood barrier will protect and resist to century flood ( calculation note, shop drawing, of all parts , full set of documents and notice about ways and means to install & dismantle the barrier)
  • To provide the Contracting authority with assurance that our barriers will comply with the Parisian historical building regulation  (detailed fixation and anchorage system 3D drawing)
  • To provide the Contracting Authority with assurance that the services provided under the supply contract ensure a successful protection of the selected quarter and easy handling for the Contracting maintenance team (organization and delivery of training and operational notices)

Project Description

Client: City of Paris and French River Authority
Location: Paris