Sustainable and Reliable Demountable Flood Barriers

Durable and Demountable Solutions for Diverse Flood Protection Needs

Bergtec offers robust demountable flood barriers designed for comprehensive flood protection. Our solutions can be set up quickly and safely before a flood. After the flood, they can be easily taken down and stored, ready for the next use. Tailored to meet specific project requirements, they ensure reliability and ease of installation.

Whether you're an engineer, city planner, contractor, business or individual, our demountable flood barriers deliver the detailed technical specifications and performance you need. Suitable for both small and large areas, our barriers provide effective protection for commercial and domestic properties, as well as critical infrastructure.

Designed for easy installation and maximum durability, our barriers are well-suited for hostile environments. They work in warm or freezing regions and come with a corrosion-free guarantee for a minimum of 20 years. Entirely removable, movable, and customizable, they are maintenance-free.

At a Glance: Addressing Your Needs

Problems Addressed

  • Flood Protection: Provides solutions for protecting areas from flooding.
  • Infrastructure Safety: Prevents damage to buildings and essential infrastructure.
  • Temporary Solutions: Offers removable barriers for flexible usage.

Solutions Provided

  • Demountable Flood Barriers: Removable barriers that are easy to install and remove, with an aesthetic advantage over permanent walls.
  • Custom Designs: Tailored to fit specific locations and requirements.
  • Versatile Installation: Can be fitted to both new and existing structures.
  • Durable Materials: Uses long-lasting, corrosion-free, and weather-resistant components.
  • High Performance: Reliability with very low leak rates and high resistance, meeting international standards.

Who is it for

  • Engineers, Construction Companies, Public Authorities (City and Regional Councils), Individuals

Key Features and Benefits of our Robust Demountable Flood Barriers

Customisable Dimensions

Each log section of our flood barriers is customisable based on your specific design criteria and storage capacities. This ensures that the barriers meet your unique project needs.

Optimised Design

Our flood barriers are designed with precise engineering criteria, considering length, pressure, and other stress factors. Refer to our detailed stress diagram for our different profiles to select the best option for your project.


The cost of our demountable flood barriers is influenced by the number of supporting I-beams required. By opting for longer log sections, you can reduce the number of I-beams needed, resulting in a more economical solution without compromising on protection. Additionally, our barriers are maintenance-free, ensuring long-term savings and hassle-free ownership.

Technical Specifications and Robust Support

Our engineers will evaluate the stress applied to the supporting beams and soil type. Collaborating with your civil engineering team, we determine the appropriate dimensions for the foundation, ensuring a solid and reliable installation. Our robust system is designed to offer a very low leak rate of less than 3 liters per hour per square meter, providing exceptional performance and reliability.

Easy and Quick Installation

Our demountable flood barriers are designed for quick and efficient installation. Each I-beam fastens onto anchor housings embedded in concrete foundations using our innovative quick-rail-set system, facilitating a streamlined setup process and ensuring the barriers are securely in place. Installation is straightforward and quick: 5 minutes per square meter. The lightweight materials allow for easy handling and setup by personnel without the need for heavy machinery, ensuring a hassle-free installation process that provides you with reliable flood protection swiftly and efficiently.

Sustainability & Corrosion-Free

Designed to withstand contact with river water, seawater, and other types of water, our barriers are guaranteed to be corrosion-free for a minimum of 20 years.

Proven Performance: Our Demountable Flood Barriers in Action

Excellence in Demountable Flood Barrier Solutions

We master the entire manufacturing process

Our Guarantee: Long-Term Protection and Durability

  • Very low leak rate: < 3 liters/hour/sqm.
  • Quick and easy installation: 5 minutes/sqm.
  • Entirely removable/movable system.
  • Alloys with high mechanical resistance.
  • Suitable for warm or freezing regions (tested below -60°C).
  • Maintenance-free.
  • No corrosion from contact with river water, seawater, or other types of water (e.g., wastewater).
  • Flood protection guaranteed for a minimum of 20 years.

Our Expertise: Decades of Proven Expertise

  • The entire manufactured protection is in steel or marine aluminum alloys.
  • We have our own engineering office with experienced staff.
  • We take into account ground studies to draft in collaboration with the contractor.
  • The goods are delivered ready-to-be installed, thanks to our precise production.
  • With our extensive experience since 1970, we provide the best flood protection systems suitable for your requirements.

Technical Specifications: Detailed Design and Customisation

  • Log Sections of Demountable Flood Barriers: Defined by length and pressure requirements.
  • Supporting I-Beams for Demountable Flood Barriers: Quantity varies based on log section length and design criteria.
  • Foundation Requirements for Demountable Flood Barriers: Determined in collaboration with your civil engineering team.

Installation: Efficient and Streamlined Process

  • Foundation Preparation for Demountable Flood Barriers: Embed anchor housings in concrete foundations based on predetermined dimensions.
  • I-Beam Installation for Demountable Flood Barriers: Fasten I-beams onto anchor housings using the quick-rail-set system.
  • Log Section Placement for Demountable Flood Barriers: Install log sections according to the designed length and pressure specifications.

Mechanical Resistance: Robust Engineering Standards

All our equipment is designed and manufactured according to:

  • The calculation and manufacturing rules for “metal frame” elements in aluminum as dictated by D.T.U. (Documents Techniques Unifiés) and AL 76, with a standardised safety coefficient.
  • Assembly procedures by TIG/MIG welding according to EN NF 287-2 standards, using stainless steel AISI 316 fasteners.

Sealing Joints: Superior Sealing Technology

  • The geometry of the joints is integrated into our assembly range to minimize the risk of leakage.
  • The quality of the EPDM material and the manufacturing process by extrusion ensure exceptional resistance of the joints against:
    • Unintentional and repetitive friction.
    • Accidental tears (e.g., during handling).
    • Corrosion from contact with river water, seawater, or other types of water (e.g., wastewater).
    • UV-induced aging that deteriorates their mechanical properties.

Case Studies: How We Protect Your Property Against Flooding

Ministry of Finance, Bercy

  • Challenge: Diverse protection dimensions and various support structures.
  • Solution: Customised demountable flood barriers designed to meet specific requirements, ensuring comprehensive protection.


  • Challenge: Diverse protection dimensions and various support structures.
  • Solution: Customised demountable flood barriers designed to meet specific requirements, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Paris (CPCU)

  • Challenge: Diverse protection dimensions and various support structures.
  • Solution: Customised demountable flood barriers designed to meet specific requirements, ensuring comprehensive protection.
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