Solutions dedicated to the protection of people and property

As floods are unpredictable, destructive and can occur at very short notice, we have designed mobile solutions for rapidly changing situations. Our solutions are designed to retain the principles of using a light-metal (aluminium) modular system.

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Why being protected?

Where a river overflows, other overflowing will come!

The official definition of

flooding as an overflow of water resulting in the increase and excess of the water’s course many times superior to its normal capacity”

teaches us about the ways and means of protecting ourselves that we should be planning for those zones at risk !

Why protect yourself now ?
Because « the causes are an act of God but the consequences are an act of man». The causes of flooding can be many:

    • whether or not there is a concurrence of exceptional climatic phenomena such as a thaw, a sudden melting of snow and torrential rain,
  • town planning encroaching on natural spaces traditionally destined as flood zones,
  • intensive agriculture forcing deforestation and encouraging water and mud flow…

The management of natural risks has taught us that the future is written in the past: where a river has burst its banks, you know it can happen again.

So it is necessary to put into operation all the preventive measures which will at once enable us to avoid this or to limit its consequences ! Floods, whether repeated because of natural cycles (believed to be every ten or 100 years) or the result of occasional « disturbances », have very serious consequences nowadays, for people as well as belongings !