Maintenance and replacement parts

Maintenance and replacement parts

No Maintenance!

Given the remarkable resistance of our aluminium alloys to corrosion, there is no need for maintenance, no greasing or tightening… with the exception of power-washing the equipment if soiled by mud or other dirt.

Apart from the joints, the other materials used in the manufacturing of our barriers are not subject either to corrosion or wear and tear in the normal way. Obviously, where there is incorrect use of the components of the mobile flood barrier (handling or storage without precautions…) or inappropriate usage in regard to the purpose of the product (for example impacts or collision from vehicles, wheeled or afloat, flotsam etc.), the damage may lead to replacement.

Sealant gaskets, which are uviosensitives ( dryness and premature ageing ) must be checked annually and, if needed,  be replaced. The presence of fissures or cracks will be a sign of this ageing, which will reduce their mechanical properties and therefore their water tightness.

In all events, the equipment must be stored in a covered area.

Our Guarantee

  • A very low leak rate < 3 liters / hour / sq.m
  • Quick and easy installation : 5 mn/ sq.m. of barrier
  • Entirely removable/movable system
  • Alloys with high mechanical resistance
  • Suitable for warm or freezing regions (tested below -60°C)
  • Maintenance free
  • Flood protections are guaranteed for 20 years


We Master the Whole Manufacturing Process

  • The entire manufactured protection is in steel or marine aluminium alloys
  • We have our own engineering office with experienced staff
  • We take into account ground studies to draft in collaboration with the contractor
  • The goods are delievered ready-to-be installed, thanks to our millimeter and precise production.
  • Thanks to our very long experience, achieved since 1970, we are able to determine and provide the best system of flood protection that is suitable to YOUR requirement!