Design and Performances


Design and Performances

Our whole flood defence program is mainly made of selected marine aluminium alloys that are guaranteed corrosion free even in the worst aggressive environment such as coastal area! Furthermore, the items are manufactured either with hot extruded profiles or laminated sheets and they all get additional heat treatment for hardening purposes. These profiles or sheets show excellent weld ability characteristic.

Why aluminium alloy:

Over one hundred of Years of metallurgy experience provide a great variety of profiles, in size and shape, suitable to withstand various stress or engineering requirements. These alloys have excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance to corrosion as well.

Consider its many uses by the aeronautics and motor industry but also the waste water industry that has been using aluminium extensively for many decades now.


BERGTEC-MSU, is supported by its long association with their main aluminium supplier, one of the leading  Swiss company, manufacturing with the highest quality in terms of accuracy and performance. Furthermore the  extruder is a 100% environment friendly operational company with almost 1000% of its extrusion waste recycled so reducing substantially its “carbon footprint”.

Your warranty:  Flood defence items are designed and manufactured according to European and ISO standards and they are manufactured with maximum deflection under load (to guarantee excellent water tightness).

In addition, we have a track record in design-and-build, since 1970, and expertise in providing a complete engineering service based on our own, indoor technical department composed by a team of engineers working with latest 3D/ CAD software.