Installation of the flood protections

A site management controled

A quickly installation thanks to:

1. A modular system: retention planks and supporting posts are independent from each other and entirely removable.

2. Manufacturing on measure with detailed plans and nomenclature of the pieces.

3. Handling assembly: Aluminium is 3 times more lightweight than stainless steel.

Assembly (dissambly) of the protection:

Assembly areas, whether earth or wall, without a perfectly flat face or not of a material adequate for the positioning of lateral bearing surfaces, must be rectified either by screed, additional mortar, and smoothing or small masonry renovation works.

The areas have to be easy and freely to reach.

Apart from the constraints of bringing the materials, storage facilities on to the assembly site, the only means necessary are manpower alone: the choice of the number of people will depend on the resources of the contractor…and on the size of the protection.

Our modular system enables very rapid assembly and dis-mantling, as:

The retention boards can be manipulated by hand, on the basis of our assembly diagrams.
The posts will be « simply » placed, again manually, and fixed to the ground in « recesses » for this purpose.
The various implementations and trial assemblies in which we have been involved allow us to demonstrate an assembly time of around 5 minutes!

Our Guarantee

  • A very low leak rate < 3 liters / hour / sq.m
  • Quick and easy installation : 5 mn/ sq.m. of barrier
  • Entirely removable/mobile system
  • High mechanical resistance alloys
  • Suitable for very hot region or very cold ( tested below -60°C)
  • Maintenance free
  • Flood barriers guaranteed 20 years


We Master the Whole Manufacturing Process

  • Entirely manufactured protection in marine aluminium alloys supplied by international Swiss aluminium extruder company
  • We have our own engineering office with experience staff
  • We take in account ground studies to draft in collaboration with contractor foundation to support our intermediate posts
  • Goods are delievered ready-to-be installed, thanks to our millimetre precise production.
  • Thanks to our very long experience, achieved since 1970, we are able to find out and provide the best flood barrier system suitable to YOUR requirement!