Integration and foundation

Integration and foundation

When the flood barriers need to be implemented on long stretches, intermediate support I-beams will be used. These parts are critical because they will have to absorb most of the (water) stress which subsequently, is applied to the I-beam base. The methodology for fixing the beams is crucial due to the multiplier effect of large loads applied in given situations.

Therefore anchorage of the fixation base plate or housing must be sized following a precise strength calculation.

Generally, the ground below flood barriers is not able to withstand the high stress lead through the barrier (I-beams) to the ground anchorage housing. Then a foundation with R-bars must be built to counterbalance the water pressure.

Our long experience and collaborative efforts will assist you in finding the right solution.

Our Guarantee

  • A very low leak rate < 3 liters / hour / sqm.
  • Quick and easy installation : 5 mn/ sqm. of barrier
  • Entirely removable/movable system
  • Alloys with high mechanical resistance
  • Suitable for warm or freezing regions (tested below -60°C)
  • Maintenance free
  • Flood protections are guaranteed for 20 years


We Master the Whole Manufacturing Process

  • The entire manufactured protection is in steel or marine aluminium alloys
  • We have our own engineering office with experienced staff
  • We take into account ground studies to draft in collaboration with the contractor
  • The goods are delievered ready-to-be installed, thanks to our millimeter and precise production.
  • Thanks to our very long experience, achieved since 1970, we are able to determine and provide the best system of flood protection that is suitable to YOUR requirement!