Resistance and water tightness

Resistance and water tightness

Tightness tests according to EU/ISO standards

Watertightness of our flood barrier programme.

Until today there is no specific standard or precisely set max. Leakage rate for flood barriers.

However, it has been commonly agreed to use German standard DIN 19569-4 specifying maximum leakage rate for “hydraulic devices”. This Standard split these items in 5 different classes with maximum admissible leakage rates calculated “per litre per second and per meter run of sealant gaskets”. The 5 classes of products, from highest acceptable leak to the lowest, are as follows: Cofferdam maxi. 1.0 liter (1) stoplgs 0.3 liter (2) non-return valve & weir-gate maxi. 0.1 liter (3) penstock maxi. 0.05 liter (4) and every on-demand special design items (4).

After extensive R&D work and considering the fact that flood defence solutions must be as tight as possible, we achieved to minimize the leakage rate below 300 litres/hour/m2 of protection that is equivalent to 10x tighter as the class 5 of the DIN standard (see test APAVE).

The tightness of our flood protections is the result of tough manufacturing with low fabrication tolerance (+/- 1mm) and our especially worked-out design of seals which fit perfectly with optimized profiles.

1. The geometry of the different joints has been specially considered as they play a part in the very fine assembly tolerances we impose in order to maximally reduce the risk of leaks.

2. The quality of the EPDM material and the spinning process of manufacture preserve the integrity of the sealant gaskets against:

  • Unexpected and repetitive friction
  • Accidental rips (collision during handling…)
  • Corrosion from contact with flood or other waters (sewage…)
  • Ageing from UV rays which distort their mechanical properties.

Mechanical resistance 

All our equipment is designed and manufactured according to:

  • ISO EN 1090, AL76 / EUROCODE
  • Method of calculation and manufacture of aluminium metalwork comply to the Unified Technical Documents (general standards about metal construction) and with additional regulation for Aluminium works under standard “AL76”.

Optimal water tightness guaranteed by various tests as follows

1. Carried out in the factory, on our test bench (water reservoir) and confirmed by official surveyor body (APAVE)

2. Carried out on site, for public authority opposite, construction of a catch basin measuring 4 x 1 x 1 m. We have installed protection of the «barrier with intermediate supporting posts» type. The readings for leaks are assured by our client as well as the engineering department commissioned by the general contractor.

3. In the official laboratory next to the French C.S.T.B. (scientific and technical testing centre for concrete works) located at Marne-la-Vallée (Paris region) and on behalf of the French ministry of environment and sustainable development.

Our Guarantee

  • A very low leak rate < 3 liters / hour / sq.m
  • Quick and easy installation : 5 mn/ sq.m. of barrier
  • Entirely removable/mobile system
  • High mechanical resistance alloys
  • Suitable for very hot region or very cold ( tested below -60°C)
  • Maintenance free
  • Flood barriers guaranteed 20 years


We Master the Whole Manufacturing Process

  • Entirely manufactured protection in marine aluminium alloys supplied by international Swiss aluminium extruder company
  • We have our own engineering office with experience staff
  • We take in account ground studies to draft in collaboration with contractor foundation to support our intermediate posts
  • Goods are delievered ready-to-be installed, thanks to our millimetre precise production.
  • Thanks to our very long experience, achieved since 1970, we are able to find out and provide the best flood barrier system suitable to YOUR requirement!