Why aluminium?

Why aluminium?

Metallic structure

Why aluminium alloy?

The current metallurgy in aluminium allows us to obtain sections of a high mechanical standard, with an excellent chemical resistance to corrosion. It has many uses including usage in the aeronautical industry (for example the Airbus A380) or the motor industry (all-aluminium body work and engine).

Its remarkable resistance to corrosion has persuaded managers of water treatment plants to use this material since the 1920s in the USA (see the paper « sewage works engineering » by RC. Wilson). In addition, aluminium was first used by the Marine industry. E.g. the French navy, in 1895, placed an order for an 18-metre long torpedo boat named « Le Lansquenet » and was manufactured with 6% copper alloyed aluminium sheets.

The remarkable mechanical resistance of aluminium is increased in low temperature (-100°C) so its use in Polar Regions can be recommended without restrictions as opposed to steel, which becomes more fragile.

Set-up in 1970, our company has gained considerable experience in the area of customized safety equipment, for machine or building accesses and protection such as required on waste water treatment plants, sewage networks…

To suit all project requirements and to design the best solution, we are offering a large range of profiles sections and expertise in shaping and welding the aluminium. The prudent selection of using this material has proven over years to have excellent qualities in the protection against corrosion and mechanical failure. In addition, our high quality production standards are a representation of our key company philosophy of excellence.

Our Guarantee

  • A very low leak rate < 3 liters / hour / sqm.
  • Quick and easy installation : 5 mn/ sqm. (barrier)
  • Entirely removable/movable system
  • Alloys with high mechanical resistance
  • Suitable for warm or freezing regions (tested below -60°C)
  • Maintenance free
  • Flood protections are guaranteed for 20 years


We Master the Whole Manufacturing Process

  • The entire manufactured protection is in steel or marine aluminium alloys
  • We have our own engineering office with experienced staff
  • We take into account ground studies to draft in collaboration with the contractor
  • The goods are delievered ready-to-be installed, thanks to our millimeter and precise production.
  • Thanks to our very long experience, achieved since 1970, we are able to determine and provide the best system of flood protection that is suitable to YOUR requirement!