Flood Barrier Protection


Flood Barrier Protections

Starting with the idea that floods are unpredictable and destructive, we have designed mobile solutions for rapidly changing situations.

As floods are unpredictable and can occur at very short notice, threatening people and property, our solutions are designed to retain the principles of using a light-metal (aluminium) modular system.

Responding to the destructive forces of floods, we employ high performance (extra hardened treatment) aluminium alloyed profiles, which are manufactured by our certified TIG/MIG welders.

  1. Carefully selected extruded marine aluminium alloy sections, manufactured by leading Swiss extruding company, are corrosion free in most environments.
  2. A modular design approach allows easy and efficient installation; each part of the flood barrier (the retention boards and supporting posts) are independent of each other and completely dismountable.
  3. A very low leakage rate is achieved by assembly to tolerances (+/- 1mm), and using specially made sealant gaskets.

Based on our extensive experience, these are the key criteria for our warranties.