Ministry of Industry, Economy & Finance – Paris – France

Ministry of Industry, Economy & Finance – Paris – France

The project is to protect against century flood various buildings of the French ministry of industry, economy and finance located along river Seine.

We delivered a global quantity of equivalent 600 meters of flood defences, for a maximum head of water of 2.50 meters.

The objective of the project is to manage a big project in collaboration with a contractor to provide full design-build and install package including civil works. We had to master many technical challenges due to diversity of “surfaces” and opening sizes.

In summary the difficulties of the project are linked to variety of openings to be protected as door entrances & staircases accesses, vehicles & lorries entrances and aeration fences and type of various supports such as macadam and stone pavements, walls of concrete or fragile limestone and clip-wall panels. Our duties included full site management in regards with people and vehicles come-and-go within premise and all restrictive safe & security regulations.

Design and calculation of barriers posts and reinforced foundation with regard to high pressure (!).
Innovative sealing methods onto limestone and clip-wall panel to guarantee contractual water tightness warranty.
Propose cast-in solution for posts, ground cover across vehicles entrance way and adequate bolts and nuts to be ascetically concealed into wall.
Follow up with Ministry engineering department and production of all technical and stress notes.
Sites follow up in coordination with contractor and architect in charge of regulation compliance. No “hard and ugly sealing impacts” were allowed.
To carry out installation test of supplied barriers and assist our client that the equipment has been delivered and installed in accordance with the conditions of contract.

Project Description

Client: Ministry of Industry, Economy & Finance
Location: Paris
Year Completed: 2015
Value: €1M