Veolia Water, France

Veolia Water, France

The project is to protect one strategic supply of potable water treatment plant near and for city of Paris against the century flood. Works have been scheduled in several phases, starting in 2009 and last phase ended up on 2012.

Overall running meter quantity about 200 meters for maximum head of water (protection) of 2.00 meters. Various equipment such as watertight high pressure covers, door stoplogs and flood barriers were designed and delivered to protect entirely the plant area. The major difficulty was to follow and match an uneven ground level where flood barrier is supposed to be installed.

The flood barriers are deemed to protect by isolating an important open space between plant and the river Seine bank. The site’s constraints are:

  • To Dig ground after accurate surveyor report and do precise step-like foundation
  • To concrete and lay-down all necessary re-bars above existing underground networks
  • Embedment of the intermediate posts fixation steel boxes had to be fully concealed to allow free car traffic.
  • To store and handling with safety and efficiency every supplied parts, we designed customized mobile trolleys.

We were expected to undertake following works:

  • Design and calculation by in-door engineer of barriers posts with regards to civil works and especially design of fixation cover with adequate bolts and nuts
  • To propose “cast-in and quick fixation way” solutions to anchor the post
  • Draft of comprehensive technical file including stress calculation notes & follow-up in coordination with contractor
  • To carry out installation test of supplied barriers and assist our client that the equipment has been delivered and installed satisfying the conditions of contract

You can see our design plan here

Project Description

Client: Veolia
Location: France